SEWTA, Maindy Centre, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3AJ

Programme and Projects

Since 2010 Sewta is respsonsible for co-ordinating the delivery of the regional / local transport capital transport programme.

Since 2011 Sewta is responsible for co-ordinating the delivery of the regional / local road safety capital and revenue programmes.

In support of delivery of the these programmes Sewta publishes an RTP Delivery Plan before the start of each financial year. This details the schemes that are proposed for further progression and delivery implemention and further progression in the year utlising grants from Welsh Government as well as funding from other sources as maybe procured.

After the end of the financial year Sewta publishes an RTP Annual Progress Report, detailing the schemes that have been delivered and further developed during the year.

The Delivery Plans and Annual Progress Reports can be found under the relevant year.


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