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Date posted: 16 March 12


Transport Alliance Sewta today unveils its strategy for a future turn-up-and-go “Metro- style” transport system for South East Wales.

Called Sewta Metro Plus, Sewta says it is the way forward to provide a comprehensive, sustainable transport network to meet the demands of the 21st Century. Sewta (the South East Wales Transport Alliance) co-ordinates transport strategy, plans and programmes for the 10 local councils of South East Wales

At Sewta’s Board meeting in Bridgend Civic Centre, (10.30am, Friday March 16th 2012), Members will be asked to approve the Sewta Metro Plus concept, and to authorise the preparation of a further report with proposals for working with the Welsh Government and other stakeholders in advancing the proposition.

At the core of Sewta Metro Plus are a number of key principles:
• It presents a primary vision as a driver for strategic planning, development and investment programmes
• The concept needs to be applied region wide – a 45 minute journey time from the coastal cities encompasses the whole Sewta region
• Rail electrification is the key in unlocking opportunities for the future
• Passenger transport integration, including information, ticketing and interchange, needs to be seamless and multi-modal
• Service frequencies need to move towards “turn up and go” regularity
• Journey times need to be shorter
• Facilities for passengers need to be of a good quality
• Organisational collaboration needs to be seamless from the point of view of the passenger

The report to the Sewta Board stresses that backing the Sewta Metro Plus concept will have a number of organisational development implications for the body.

There will need to be closer integration with planning and regeneration interests, and with adjoining regions. There will also need to be closer integration with public transport operators, with the business community, and with the Welsh Government.

The Sewta Metro Plus concept will need to be central to Sewta’s business planning, and its future transport plans and investment programmes. Most importantly additional funding will need to be identified.

Councillor Andrew Morgan, the Chair of Sewta, says:
“Sewta identified the need for a Metro-style solution to providing sustainable transport across the region some time ago while progressing the first Regional Transport Plan. Since then we have been working hard to crystallise that vision into what has become Sewta Metro Plus – a concept that we hope everybody will stand behind, and will help make a reality.

“It will not be quick, it will be challenging, but if we can deliver it, it will give the people of South East Wales a guarantee of sustainable travel for the future.”


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